Snowflake Network

Reshape Cooperation among SMEs

Establish Decentralized Reward Points Alliance
Construct Customer Social Network

Brand New Concept of Low Cost, Spontaneous Promotion, High Efficiency Loyalty Program

Issues and Solutions


Cutting-Edge IT Solution

Loyalty Program
Only mobile required

Advertisement and Marketing

Low Efficiency

Joint promotion in
alliance attract and
retain customers


Single Industry
Narraow Branch Network

Mutual Recognition
Points Settlement
Increase Usage

Snowflake Network Infrastructure

SMEs Reward Points Token

Assist SMEs to issuing and redeeming rewards points token

Increase Customer Reach

Publish promotion information, offer special discount, or contact customer

Unleash the Momentum of SMEs

Through forming business alliance, connect the interests of SMEs and achieve symbiosis

Stimulate Customer Expense

Leverage storing reward points and review on-chain to encourge customer revisit

Community Governance

Participants of Snowflake Network can proposal protocol improvement, and reach consensus by voting

Cross-Chain Swaps

Based on Cosmos SDK blockchain Infrastructure, can cooperate with other blockchain project to enlarge the use case scenario.

How it works

Merchants issue their reward point token on Snowflake Chain.
These tokens carray value and circulate among merchants and customers.
Merchants offer customer discounts, products or service via tokens.
Customer can leave real review to motivate engagement after using tokens.

For SME, blockchain-based loyalty programme: flexible configuration, low marketing expenses, spontaneous promotion from customers in social network driven by reward points. Rewards Point alliance can help to extend the customer reach.

For customers, customer social network with rewards point information from different kinds of SMEs: they can interact with real review written after purchase.


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