Snowflake Network

Snowflake is a public blockchain for loyalty program among small and medium enterprise alliance

Unleash the momentum of SMEs

In the era of fast development of Information Technology, big companies are making use of resouces to further improve their competitiveness, through: issue reward points, exchange reward points with other system, to establish customer's expense habits within their partnership alliance. Customer loyalty program is proven to be able stablize and increase market share. How to empower small and medium enterprise(SME) to compete with big companies becomes an important issue as they are important part of the society for employment and provde different choice of commodity.

Comparing with big companies with rich resouces and networking, SME setting up loyalty program results in high cost and low efficiency: ; IT development: requires mobile application, backend console, data analytics;

  • Technology: Cutting-Edge IT Solution, Elimination of Tech Debt, E-Commerce
  • Advertisement and Marketing: Attracting, retaining, and engage with customer with low efficiency
  • Benefit:SME usually in a single industry and with narraow branch network

Decentralized Reward Points Alliance

We focus on helping SME to establish decentralized reward points alliance, constructing customer social network. Merchants can issue, distribute, and acccpet reward points in Snowflake Network in short time. They can also form reward points alliance with other merchants according to business strategy, service capacity, relationship with other merchants. This not only avoids the system crisis caused by the collapse of individual merchants, but also facilitates closer cooperation among merchants. By cooperating with merchants in different industry and accepting reward points from different stores, the reward points alliance can create an effect that cannot be matched by big companies.

Participating in Snowflake Network can also help establish customer social network. Customer can write a review when they earn reward points through Snowflak mobile application, which will help the next customer with true feedback. Snowflake mobile application has social network features, customers can follow friends' puchase record, leave message and like. We belive the best promotion is from spontaneous user spreading good product and service.

As a public blockchain

To maintain the decentralization and stability of Snowflake Chain, continuous economic incentives and sustainability is essential. Snowflake Chain will contain SNOW native token and WATER stable token. Merchants will have to pay transaction fee during issuing, distributing, or accepting reward points. Snowflake validator will receieve the transaction fee and seigniorage rewards. SNOW holder can help Snowflake's security and governance by delegating their token to validator. The importance of token is that it can balances the interests of different roles in Snowflake Chain, and maintain the long term sustainability and stability of the network.

Snowflake Chain is an expandable decentralized infrastructure. The purpose is to connect SME of different industries, nature, scale, and even regions to enable them to establish business relationship that compete with big companies. There are many possibilities can be happened on the basis of this real consumer social network. Snowflake Chain will evolve according to situation, to break the monopoly of large companies, and assist SMEs to expand their services to various industries on the basis of mutual benefit and symbiosis.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Snowflake Network to apply the state-of-the-art blockchain technology to establish a decentralized reward points alliance for SMEs and build a customer social network:
  • Provide a quick and easy way of establishing loyalty program, with best cost and efficiency
  • Allow reward points between different merchants to interconnected under mutual agreement, and releasing the synergy of reward points alliance
  • Encourage customer to leave sincere review on social network after purchase to promote good services and product in alliances
  • Apply SNOW token to maintain the operation of the decentralized network
The vision of Snowflake Network is to reshape the multilateral cooperation among SMEs through a trustless blockchain.
  • Open up innovative customer experience with reward points tokenization
  • Connect to the world of FinTech using blockchain technology

Further detail

Please refer to our whitepaper